Anything You Ask Of Me

Although her home state of Maryland hasn’t sworn allegiance to either Union or Confederacy, twenty-two-year-old Elizabeth Archer’s life is shattered.  Her father has fled North, abandoning the household.  The man she loved—and who married her sister instead— is killed in battle.  Elizabeth’s life of parties and societal obligations dwindles down to isolation and too many empty hours; hours to mourn the man who gave her up to chase an inheritance. She meets Confederate general Jeb Stuart by chance and, in an instant, she’s the center of his attention.  As commander of the Army of Northern Virginia’s cavalry division, General Stuart doesn’t ask, he orders.  The attraction seems mutual and, flattered by his affection, Elizabeth agrees to spy for the Confederacy.  She’s Stuart’s La Belle Rebelle, the Beautiful Rebel; the siren of the south.