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Danny Kuhn

Danny Kuhn


Books were Danny Kuhn’s constant companions while he was growing up on a small farm in West Virginia.  He especially loved Dickens and Doyle, feeling they pulled the reader in to be part of their stories. After receiving degrees from Marshall and West Virginia Universities, Danny lived in the Caribbean for a brief time before beginning his career as a high school science teacher.  He left teaching to become a United States Probation Officer, but continued to work on training programs for the Federal Court, conducting sessions across the United States and American territories.  Always believing travel to be part of education, he visited Europe with his family as often as resources allowed. Writing and corporate training may constitute a “third career” for Danny, but he has been known as a teller of tales since he was a child.  The past is his passion, and he writes history columns for local magazines. Danny now writes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and plans to continue the saga of the Fezziwigs.  He is also working on a mystery novel set among the American Transcendentalists writers.  “I want to help readers live a story, to feel they know the people and places as a participant,” he says.    “For that to happen, the history has to be accurate, but we need to see ourselves in the characters.”

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