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Franklin Rogers

Franklin Rogers


(July 25, 1921 – December 3, 2011) Franklin Rogers was born in the Bronx in 1921. After Pearl Harbor, he enlisted and was sent to the China-Burma-India Theater where he was in the military intelligence and Signal Corps.  After returning home, he married Mary Ann Cate. They had one son, Bruce. Franklin received his PhD from UC Berkeley on the G.I. Bill. He started teaching at UW- Milwaukee and UC Davis. In 1966-67, he was a Fulbright Professor at the Universit de France, Lyon; and was then invited back for two years (69-71). In 1975, he was invited to teach at the Universit de France, Paris-Sorbonne; and then finished his teaching career at San Jose State. He wrote or edited a dozen books about Mark Twain, a couple on critical theory. In July 2011, Franklin Rogers submitted his manuscript, Moonlight Sonata, to Knox Robinson Publishing. In November 2011, Knox Robinson Publishing offered Dr Rogers a contract to publish his novel. Sadly, Dr Rogers suffered an accident and passed away shortly thereafter. It is our great honor to publish Moonlight Sonata with the permission of his wife, Mary Ann Rogers.

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