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James Conroy

James Conroy


James Conroy is a former business executive currently self-employed in logistics consulting. He also writes full-time and tutors in English literature, basic composition and creative writing. His poetry and short fiction have appeared in over one hundred internationally respected literary journals. A collection of his poems was published in 1997 and two novels in 2001 and 2007 respectively. After living in New York and Chicago, Conroy currently resides with his wife in Newport, Rhode Island. He is a frequent contributor to local publications and an active community volunteer. ‘While living in Chicago, I immersed myself in the 1930s leftist literature associated with that city, much of which was written by writers known of Hemingway. Except for scholarly works, much of the period has been relegated to “gangster” and Prohibition fiction. So many important American writers came out of that environment (Wright, Algren, Bellow, Jack Conroy) I really felt challenged to compose a worthy work depicting their struggle while telling a good mystery story at the same time.’

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