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James Paul Rice

James Paul Rice


James Paul Rice is a life-long native of South Carolina, the Palmetto State, in the USA and studied English literature and Aesthetics at the University of South Carolina. After reading a newspaper article about the 1822 Denmark Vesey slave revolt in Charleston, SC, James began to envision an historical novel with the Vesey affair at its core. He initiated the process by feeding on a steady diet of Graham Greene, Robert Penn Warren, Lawrence Durrell, Gore Vidal, and William Styron to build up writing muscle. The end result was The Death of Denmark Vesey. This is James’ first novel. James is a voracious reader of literature, poetry, history, cultural history, and art history. He is at work on his new novel, loosely based on the life of the French painter Henri Matisse, and set in Tunisia of the 1920’s with time shifts to ancient Carthage. The novel is also a treatise on aesthetics.

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