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Michael Roof

Michael Roof


A once-aspiring concert pianist and lifelong lover of classical music, Michael Roof earned his Bachelor of Arts from The Ohio State University where he majored in Economics while also studying music and Renaissance history. After making his escape from the frigid Midwest to the sunny valleys of Northern California, he attended The University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law where he earned his Jurisdoctorate, specializing in real estate and tort law. As a California Attorney and Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, Michael spent thirty-five years researching and writing volumes of consulting opinions and professional reports for a variety of clients both the government and private. Through the years, his deep love of classical music and the history that surrounds it have continued to serve as his primary sources of past-time pleasure and intellectual fulfillment. Now a freelance writer, Michael has put his life experience and passion for music to work, penning Nicolo’s Renaissance, the first in an upcoming trilogy of adventure novels featuring Maestro Nicolo Di Cottano, a curiously distinctive Renaissance character whose many stories have been haunting the author’s imagination for decades. A troubled but respected church composer and choir director, Nicolo is young, talented, self-absorbed, and brash, but also compassionate, amusing, provocative, and a lightning rod for trouble. Definitely out of his element, he is forced to simultaneously navigate affairs with his first true love, a deviant priest, a Renaissance dentist, a radical new composition, a highly vindictive Pope, and a new neighborhood crime boss bent on purposeless revenge. Set in Genoa, Italy in the year 1555, there is plenty of atmosphere, romance, intrigue, and adventure to satisfy anyone seeking a juicy taste of the past. The author presently resides in Northern California, writing, gardening, painting, playing the piano, and enjoying his lovely wife of nearly four decades and their three grown children, all busy carving out rewarding lives and careers of their own.

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