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Morton Faulkner

Morton Faulkner


Morton Faulkner is the pen name of the writing team formed by Nik Morton and Gordon Faulkner. NIK MORTON (Robert Nicholson-Morton) Nik Morton hails from Whitley Bay, North Tyneside and joined the Royal Navy as a writer. He has travelled all over the world both privately and with the Navy.  He gained his Open University BA Degree in 1987 and, leaving the RN as a Chief Petty Officer Writer, he began a civilian career in computing. Nik has sold articles and numerous genre short stories – espionage, science fiction, fantasy, horror, love, adventure and ghost.  He sold articles and a short film script to the outreach training organisation Learning Links.

He has sold comic-book illustrations and cartoons and his artwork for hundreds of Tae Kwon Do sequences was featured in Fighters Magazine.  Nik learned Chinese kung fu (quanshu) in Malta where he teamed up with Gordon Faulkner to write the first of a fantasy series set in mythical Floreskand – Wings of the Overlord.

For many years Nik reviewed books for the British Science Fiction Association and his articles were published in the BSFA critical magazines.

He was a finalist in the One-Day Novel Writing Competition with a novella thriller featuring Sister Hannah, the crime-fighting nun.  Judge Terry Pratchett said, ‘I was very impressed with the book.’  Two short stories about Sister Hannah have been published, one of them even winning several awards.

In 2002 he was made redundant and moved out of computing, landing the job of Chief Sub-editor of the monthly colour magazine Portsmouth & District Post, also contributing articles and artwork, including a full-colour comic strip about ‘The adventures of Super Scoop the Penguin’.  Although he decided to retire to write full-time in Spain, he still works via Broadband on The Post.

His short stories have been published in the Costa Blanca News weekly newspaper; the monthly colour magazine The Coastal Press regularly features his articles plus a short story series about Leon Cazador, a half-English, half-Spanish investigator.  His story ‘Pueblo Pride’ is published in the paperback Torrevieja – Another Look, a collection of international short stories. He has recently sold a western novel to Robert Hale.

Nik is married to Jen and they live in the Alicante region; they have a daughter, Hannah and a son-in-law Farhad.


Gordon Faulkner was born and raised in the West Riding of Yorkshire.  During an extended stay in hospital in his youth, he developed what turned out to be a life-long passion for Oriental culture, especially Chinese,  after reading the travels of Marco Polo.

He started training in Oriental martial arts in the late 1960s and after joining the Royal Air Force in the early 1970s started to specialise in Chinese martial arts and Daoist philosophy.

During his 22 year career in the RAF, he was one of the founders and General Secretary of the RAF Martial Arts Federation, a post he held until his retirement from military service, when he became a full-time Daoist Arts teacher.  This resulted in extensive travel within Europe and North America where he was invited to run seminars and give lectures.

For more years than he cares to remember he has planned and developed the mythical Floreskand, its characters, coinage, history, geology, religion and myths.  When he met Nik Morton in Malta during martial arts training, they decided to work on a series of novels set in this colourfully imagined land. Wings of the Overlord was the first.

Gordon is a member of the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding and a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.  In 1990 he had the first of what was to eventually become annual trips to China.  These trips take students to study at the Beijing University of Physical Education (BUPE) and visit various research establishments, hospitals, temples, markets, bars, etc.

He is the Principal Instructor of the Chanquanshu School of Daoist Arts which he founded in 1983;  it now has in excess of 300 registered students. At a ceremony held at BUPE he became Ru Shi Dizi (an outstanding and close disciple) of Professor Zhang Guangde, the creator of Daoyin Yangsheng Gong which is a part of the Chinese National Fitness Program.

And at a Ba Shi ceremony in a temple on Mount Wudang, Central China, he was initiated as a 15th generation Wudang Boxing disciple of Daoist Master You Xuande.

Gordon and his wife, Maria, have two children and six grandchildren and live in the Scottish Highlands.

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