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Sergio I Nemirovsky

Sergio I Nemirovsky


Sergio I. Nemirovsky graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Biology. He later earned a PhD in Neuroscience and is currently researching the human genome. As apart as biology and medieval fiction may seem, for Sergio there are no boundaries between them. Each of his passions serve to build his spirituality and appease his curious mind. The writing of Neither Greek nor Jew: The Way to Freedom (Knox Robinson, 2015) was one of his most fulfilling achievements and the pleasure derived from this new phase of his life as a novelist is comparable only to the birth of his first daughter Kiriana. He credits his wife, Julieta, a biologist who specializes in the study of arthropod nervous systems, for the opportunity to nurture his writing. Since boyhood, Sergio has been interested in the Middle Ages and throughout his life, he has read extensively on Arthurian legends and European mythology. Some of his favorites include:  Irish heroic tales, the Welsh Mabinogion and the Norse Edda, the Greek Iliad, the Roman Aeneid among others. Inspired by the likes of Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson, Sergio has taken a special interest in Scottish history, prompting him to write Neither Greek nor Jew: The Way to Freedom. He spent two years in the UK working on the novel and visiting many of the places featured therein. The novel tackles Robert the Bruce’s War of Independence and the controversial reign of Edward II. The novel also offers readers a possible explanation of what may have happened to the Templar Order after it was proscribed. Sergio lives with his wife and child in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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